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Below, you will find links to all of the procedures and standard forms that are presented in the MACI Supplier Quality Manual, as well as contact information for MACI’s Supplier QA Engineers.  If you have any questions about any of the material listed below, please feel free to contact us.

Steve Sauter, Vice President
Patrick Flahie, QA Manager
Patrick Jones, Advanced QA Engineer


Document #

MACI Quality Assurance Manual for Suppliers QA-SM-01
PPAP Submission QA-SM-02
Part Submission Warrant (PSW) QA-SM-03
Part Submission Warrant (PSW) Form QA-SM-03-F1
Design Record (Ballooned Print) QA-SM-04
Production Validation QA-SM-05
Initial Sample Inspection Report QA-SM-05-F1
Process Capability Study Report QA-SM-05-F2
Measurement Correlation Report QA-SM-05-F3
Material Certification QA-SM-06
ISO/IATF Certification QA-SM-07
Process Flow Diagram QA-SM-08
Process Flow Diagram Example QA-SM-08-F1
Quality Assurance Process Control Plan and Error Proof Checklist QA-SM-09
Supplier Quality Assurance Process Sheet QA-SM-09-F1
Supplier Error Proof Checklist QA-SM-09-F2
IMDS Instructions QA-SM-10
Product Identification and Traceability QA-SM-11
Label / Traceability Example and Explanation Form QA-SM-11-F1
Reaction to Defective Material QA-SM-12
Quality Failure Notice Response QA-SM-13
Quality Failure Notice Response Form QA-SM-13-F1
Supplier Request for Deviation QA-SM-14
Supplier Request for Deviation Form QA-SM-14-F1
Supplier Design / Process Change Request QA-SM-15
Supplier Design / Process Change Request Form QA-SM-15-F1
Supplier Initial Flow Notification QA-SM-16
Supplier Initial Flow Notification Form QA-SM-16-F1
Request for Supplier Crossline Action QA-SM-17
Request for Supplier Crossline Action Form QA-SM-17-F1
Quality Assurance Visit Report QA-SM-18
Quality Assurance Visit Report Form QA-SM-18-F1
Annual CQI Audit QA-SM-19
Annual CQI Audit Form QA-SM-19-F1
Layered Process Audits QA-SM-19-F2
Annual PPAP QA-SM-20
Supplier Quality Contact Annual Update QA-SM-21
Supplier Quality Contact Form QA-SM-21-F1
Supplier Quality Rating System QA-SM-22
Supplier Process Control Records QA-SM-24
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