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MACI adds new high-speed A/C compressor Assembly Line – increased capacity designed to meet customer demand

On Thursday, June 15, MACI celebrated formal approval to produce salable product on the company’s newest, high-speed, Variable Compressor Assembly Line 7 (VAC 7).  Mass Production is scheduled to start on Monday, July 17, and the area is a bee-hive of activity with engineers, line associates and the management group making sure we achieve our target.

Due to the automotive industry’s quick adoption of variable-type compressor technology, MACI added 6 production cells for variable compressors prior to this; while still producing fixed-type compressors for our customers’ larger vehicles.

Day (Blue) and night (Green) shifts on VAC 7 are being staffed by experienced associates from other lines.  Most of VAC 7 Blue team spent January training on the line in Japan.  VAC 7 has 26 staff on each shift.  Blue shift is now in operation, with Green shift training through September.  With a line speed of 10 seconds, it is the fastest within the global TICO group.

As a result of the movement to VAC 7, MACI has nearly 50 production openings on both day and night shifts, as well as Machine and Die Maintenance positions open.  Exempt and Skilled Trade careers at MACI are also listed at

To apply for a production job at MACI, applicants should contact Anchor Staffing at 517-789-8440.  Direct Hire positions, for those with over 3 years of manufacturing experience, are available; as well as entry-level temporary positions through Anchor Staffing.  The Anchor Staffing Office accepts applications Monday through Friday, 9am – 3pm, inside MACI at 2400 N. Dearing Road Parma, MI 49269.  Information on wages and benefits for Direct Hire, or Temp-to-Hire positions is posted at

MACI sells approximately 6 million compressors of all types each year, for many of the world’s most popular vehicles.  GM and FCA-Chrysler are the largest customers by volume.  Ford, Toyota, Honda, Freightliner and John Deere also are customers.

Established in 1989, the company is a joint-venture between Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) and DENSO Corporation of Japan.  It is the largest manufacturing employer in Jackson County, with over 1 million square feet, and more than 1,050 associates (employees).

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